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D.A. Nolt, Inc. of PA has
designed, developed and
has patent pending on the
newest and most innovative
containment and water management system for drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking") operations. The D.A. Nolt, Inc. of PA Maximum Containment Well Pad System ("Max C Pad") is installed below the well pad, and consists of a reservoir and control system for storage and management of spills and fresh water. The system has the capability to contain all fluids that may occur or are produced at the well pad surface preventing them from getting into the ground water supply below. Based on your configuration, the “Max C Pad” system can capture 500K to 3.5M gallons of fluid.

When implemented, the “Max C Pad” system would largely mitigate water supply, transportation & storage issues, and provide Maximum containment during all drilling, Fracking, and completion operations.


Click on the above video to view a recent interview of
Rich O’Brien, Executive Vice President of D.A. Nolt, Inc. of PA
at the DUG East (Developing Unconventionals) Trade show in Pittsburgh, PA


The D.A. Nolt, Inc. of PA Well Pad Containment and Water Management System will:

  • Collect and redistribute rainwater with the aim of meeting substantially all water needs required to drill and Frack a well.
  • Provide an impermeable membrane containment system for well pad runoff, equipment and operational spillages, and drilling and Fracking fluids.
  • Provide a means in which water stored in our system beneath the well pad can be tested via our integrated man-hole system.

Implementation of the system will progressively replace the need for water to be supplied from present sources, while immediately providing an onsite storage system for fresh water and a containment system for drilling and Fracking operations.

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