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Collecting and storing rainwater (a free resource) on site and directly under the existing well pad is a viable alternative means of supplying all fresh water needs for drilling and Fracking gas wells. A recap of the benefits of the D.A. Nolt, Inc. of PA “Max C Pad” System is as follows:

  • Protects ground water.
  • Well pad runoff is totally contained.
  • Reduced well pad footprint - water storage facilities are built into the system.
  • Rivers, streams and ponds will no longer be needed as the primary water source for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.
  • The need to withdraw water from rivers, streams or aquifers could eventually be eliminated.
  • Millions of miles of tanker traffic will be removed from Pennsylvania's roads, resulting in less infrastructure repair costs and vehicular accidents.
  • Reduced trucking and fuel costs.
  • Reduced water costs.
  • Minimizes greenhouse emissions and pollutants.
  • Enhances safety as temporary containment membranes on top of the well pad will no longer be necessary. As such, workers will not be subject to working in standing water or ice “trapped” on the surface of these membranes.

The net result is that the implementation of the “Max C Pad” System will save the drillers and energy companies money and at the same time provide a system that will drastically reduce the number of trucks on the road and the overall environmental impact to the region. It is a true WIN-WIN-WIN scenario.

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